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About ESSA
Based in Dallas, Texas, ESSA Software is a software development and consulting company strategically built around the Salesforce platform. We provide Salesforce consulting, training, and sandbox administration software to help individuals and businesses maximize their potential for delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions.

- Consulting
- Training
- Administration
- Development

We maintain and provide support for ESSA (Enterprise Suite for Sandbox Administration), an enterprise desktop application built specifically for Salesforce Professionals, Administrators and Release Managers. Its purpose is to make life easier by providing functionality and features that cannot be performed through Salesforce's web application. It is a tool built for ease-of-use to improve productivity.

- It makes maintaining Sandboxes easy.
- It makes deployments easy.
- It makes data integration easy.
- It makes continuous integration easy.
- It makes working with your Salesforce data easy.
- It just makes working with Salesforce easy!