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System Requirements:

 Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2

Last Release Date:

March 21, 2019
1888 days ago

Salesforce API Version: 44.0

Release Notes Version 1.5.2:

* Text to Table form: Used to copy rows and columns and parse it into a table format for easy loading of data.
* Schema Explorer: Added the ability to filter and export data from all tabs. Added a new relationship tab to easily show all of the relationships for a given object.
* Data Explorer Tooling: Fixed an issue where the SOQL query fails whenever the metadata or full name columns are specified.
* Bulk Data Load: Set the default sort to created date descending to show the most recent loads first. Added better error handling.
* Data Explorer: Added the ability for relationship fields to be separated into their own columns.
* Download Metadata: Added the manageableState and namespacePrefix columns to the result set so that metadata for managaged packages can easily be identified.