For The Best Sandbox Administration

  1. ESSA Desktop

    ESSA Desktop is a Windows-based application that works directly with the Salesforce API's to manage all of your Salesforce Orgs from one single tool. Use ESSA Desktop for data analysis, release management, Org comparisons, data integrations, and more.
    1. Professional Edition - FREE!!!
      This edition provides an unlimited feature set for Sandbox Administration specifically built for ease-of-use making it the best Sandbox Administration tool for Salesforce. New features added at no charge and suggested features are welcome.
     Backup Data
     Bulk Delete
     Bulk Ids Query
     Calendar View
     Change Owner
     Data Explorer
     Data Explorer - Tooling
     Easy Edit
     Enable/Disable Triggers
     Execute Apex
     Field Usage
     Object Permissions Explorer
     Permission View
     Role Viewer
     Recover Deleted Rows
     Schema Explorer
     Sharing Rules
     Synchronize Data
     Compare Apex
     Compare Field Permissions
     Compare Field Permissions Between Orgs
     Compare Fields Exist
     Compare Object Permissions
     Compare Object Permissions Between Orgs
     Compare Profile Permissions
     Compare Profile Permissions Between Orgs
     Compare Profiles Exist Between Orgs
     Compare Role Hierarchies
     Compare Schema Explorer
     Compare Sharing Rules
    Data Integrations
     Continuous Integrations
     Integration Definitions
     Clashing Changes
     Compare Metadata
     Compare Packages
     Create Package
     Download All Metadata
     Download Metadata
     Make Rollback Package
     Metadata Tree
     Search Metadata
     Standard Objects Picklist Changes
     Synchronize GlobalValueSet
     Synchronize Picklist
     Upload Metadata
     View Picklist
     CSV File Viewer
     Excel Viewer
     Id Functions
     ODBC Viewer
     Pipe Delimited File Viewer
     SQL Server Viewer
  2. ESSA Service

    ESSA Service is a secure Windows Service that runs Continuous Integrations, Data Integrations, and Schedules on a computer within your network. It can be installed on your local machine or on a server. ESSA Services is integrated into ESSA Desktop in all of the Data Integration features. You can manage all of your ESSA Services from ESSA Desktop. Using ESSA Desktop, you can connect to and configure each ESSA Service to manage schedules for your Continuous Integrations and Data Integrations. You can import and export definitions created on your local machine to and from ESSA Service and define separate Salesforce credentials used by your ESSA Service. Run regularly scheduled Data Integrations during off-peak hours and keep all of your data and Salesforce Metadata secure within your network.
    ESSA Service
     Continuous Integrations  Unlimited
     Data Integrations  Unlimited
     Schedules  Unlimited