The #1 tool for Salesforce sandbox administration.

One tool to connect to all of your Salesforce Orgs!


* Perform tasks not easily done anywhere else
* Use the Data Explorer to easily query data from any or all of your Salesforce Orgs
* Execute Apex code and review results immediately
* Back-up your Salesforce data for legal, disaster recovery, or data retention purposes
* Use the Easy Editor to update any Salesforce data
* Mass update thousands of rows at once using the Easy Editor
* Use the Calendar View for any date field to visually see records by date (Birthdays, Employee Anniversaries, Account Openings, Tasks, etc.)
* Synchronize data between your many Salesforce Orgs
* Find Picklist differences and then synchronize picklist values with just one click
* Easily delete records or recover deleted records
* Select which triggers to quickly Enable/Disable for faster data integration
* Use the Bulk Id Query form to query a long list of ids
* Use the Field Usage form to find out which fields in a Salesforce object are being used
* Explore and query tooling objects
* And many more features - new one's added in each release!!

Salesforce Data Management

Data Integration.

* Designed to easily integrate data between any or all of your Salesforce Orgs
* Create Continuous Integrations for any or all of your Salesforce Orgs
* Create Data Integration Definitions for common tasks
* Map source-to-target columns
* Execute Apex code in your data integrations
* Run your Data Integration with one click and immediately see the results
* Create a schedule for your Data Integration to run on a regular basis
* Integrate your Data Integration with CSV or Pipe Delimited Files
* Enable/Disable Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, and Business Processes as steps in your data integration
* Perform simple transformations of field values when moving data from source-to-target
* For the database professionals, integrate your Data Integration with SQL Server
* Use ESSA Service - a secure Windows Service - to run Continuous Integrations and Data Integrations on a server within your network.
* And many more data integration features!!

Connects To:

SQL Server
CSV Files
Sybase Adaptive
Mimer SQL
Netezza DBMS
Visual FoxPro
DBF / FoxPro
SQL Azure
Intuit QuickBase
Composite Information Server
Pipe Delimited Files
Lotus Notes
Sybase Advantage
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2000
SQL Server 7.0
Excel 97
Excel 2000
Excel 2002
Excel 2003
Excel 2007
Excel 2010
Excel 2013
Access 97
Access 2000
Access 2002
Access 2003
Access 2007
Access 2010
Access 2013
Source .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC Connection Strings

Making Each Salesforce Release a Breeze

Release Management.

* Easily select, download, and deploy Metadata from any or all of your Salesforce environments
* Review who is making changes to your Metadata, when changes were made, and what Metadata items where changed
* Select which Metadata to download into a single Package
* Back-up all of your Metadata for a selected Salesforce Org with just one click
* Metadata Tree
* Search Metadata
* And many more Release Management features!!

Compare Metadata, Profiles, and More...

Insightful Comparisons.

* Have too many profiles? Compare the security differences between profiles in the same Salesforce org or between another Salesforce Org
* Compare and review profile permissions, field-level permissions, and object permissions in the same Salesforce Org or between another Salesforce Org
* Compare Role Hierarchies between two Salesforce Orgs
* Compare Packages
* Compare and merge metadata
* Compare Sharing Rules between Orgs
* Use the Schema Explorer to compare schema differences between two Salesforce Orgs.
* Easily see changes and differences in objects, fields, picklist values and many other items
* And many more comparison features!!